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With the Cuddle Couple, you get two dedicated coaches & cuddlers who fiercely believe in the wonderful healing and nurturing effects of touch. Through our work, we aim to bring balance, hope and a renewed sense of energy and purpose to our clients through grounded and connected body and meditation based practices, with an emphasis on helping to heal our connection to ourselves and to others.

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"How absolutely lovely! I had no idea what to expect from a virtual cuddle therapy session, and I'm so glad that I took the chance to try it out. Emma and Pablo are so warm, gentle, and nurturing. After being greeted, and briefly connecting, I got into my comfy position and was softly guided through a beautiful exercise that left me feeling deeply relaxed and loving towards my body and self. Even if this had been "all" that the session ended up being, I would have come away feeling so cared for and comforted. Instead, things expanded from there in wonderful ways! I realized things about my relationship to receiving love that I never had before, and as I shared what was coming up, I was met with validation and insight! Pablo and Emma created a space that somehow invited me to get to know myself better, in very loving ways. I felt safely held and accepted. They both are very intuitive and authentically present.
I feel so much appreciation for this healing gift. Thank you!" - Lily

"Emma and Pablo are a fantastic team with a strong commitment towards sharing their divine gift of conscious touch with others and building a supportive community during the process. They made me feel grounded and safe (both emotionally and covid-19 guidelines-wise) in their zen environment. Their unique blend of touch cultivated a quiet and peaceful atmosphere to melt my stress away. I felt like I had come home in a relaxing way that I never had before. Best of luck on your journey.

Hope to see you again soon!" - Anonymous

“I truly was not sure what to expect with a virtual cuddling session. Cuddling always sounds great, but virtual is not my scene in general and I was sceptical about trying to capture the essence of touch through a cold computer screen. Gotta admit though that it was really wonderful. I felt so relaxed during the process and my day afterwards was much lighter. It was a lovely process and definitely something new to try!” - Shannon

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