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This is us!

We are a fun loving couple that are all about those hugs and that loving connection!

In different ways, we have both known the pain of not being hugged enough or not feeling connected with those around us, and we know the absolute joy and sense of peace it can bring when that cup starts to fill. We believe that so much starts with the body and with how we relate to ourselves, and we are here to provide caring support to those wanting to explore that.


What we care about is helping people from all walks of life feel more alive, happy and seen. For us, it goes even deeper than that. For us, it is about redefining what intimacy can look and feel like, it is about finding a new connection to ourselves and to others, and ultimately it is about providing a space where individuals and communities can safely explore, expand, and accept their own needs or wants.


We are both physically intuitive and attentive to others' needs. We offer a safe consent-centric container in order to encourage our clients to move at their own pace. Through this approach, the healing power of being received without fear of judgement becomes clear. Both of us also offer a very comforting paternal and maternal presence and are empathetic and nurturing. We can’t wait to meet you!


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