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In today's digital world it's very easy to get caught up doing everything under the sun but connecting with one and other. Gone are the days where you could call up a friend or knock on someone's door for a quick hello, or are they? Through our Virtual Relational Coaching Sessions, we will explore what you truly long for when you think of friendship, connection, intimacy, and relationships!


Together, we will explore what your personal experience has been with building meaningful relationships in your life, and how you can surround yourself with a more supportive network of friends and loved ones. Relationships don't have to be difficult and through our sessions, we will make it our goal to meet you where you are and move forward from there, while also having plenty of time to just be with you and hear all about the questions, challenges, and victories you go through on this journey towards a brighter, more connected future. 

Between the two of us, Emma and Pablo, we have a rich history of experience, through years of dance, meditation, and coaching. We empathize deeply with feelings of rejection, lack of fulfillment, communication challenges, anxiety, depression, PTSD, childhood neglect, racism, sexism, and isolation. This life has presented us both with many challenges, and here we seek to share what we have learned with you, in hopes that we may help you through your own journey.

*** Please note that we also offer this service to couples/partners and families

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