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Intimacy instead of distance

Communication instead of frustration

Passion instead of apathy

Resolution not compromise

Building pillars instead of looking for falling ones


Appreciating each other’s likes and needs

Committing to living a life together that feels more alive

We are here and eager to help you cultivate more love, vulnerability, satisfaction, and clarity in your relationship. Together let’s explore how your relationship can grow and evolve, and feel more connected over time. Session by session, let’s grow that felt sense of passion in place of stagnation.

These virtual relational coaching sessions happen through Zoom. Once you book your first session, we will be sending you a personalized Zoom link which you can use for all sessions. 

We encourage you to set up your environment for your virtual session in a way that feels comforting and cozy to you. We recommend setting up the following: 

  • Do the session from a cozy spot like your couch or your bed

  • Find a spot that is away from other people and distractions

  • Set up a nice environment with blankets and pillows or whatever else gives you comfort

  • Dim your lights if possible

  • Wear comfy clothes or pyjamas (and don't worry about how you look - no make-up required!)

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