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Since 2019, we have all been dealing with the effects of Covid.

Unfortunately, the virus is has proven to be persistent and by now many of us are feeling the costs

on our mental, physical, emotional, and relational health.

We don't think anyone should have to go through this alone.

We want to help.


In times like these, we cannot ignore the vast implications that a pandemic like this can have. We have all been impacted in one way or another, and this can have a serious toll -

on our minds, on our bodies, on our hearts. 

To respond to the current crisis, we are here to offer our support so that we can all move through this, together. Not only do we want to be there to help you feel all the feelings and recover, but we also want to help you get out of survival mode and into a more balanced, grateful and hopeful place. We also want to provide solidarity and connection, and a home base you can come to whether you are feeling the socially suppressive effects of the pandemic or currently going through the isolation of a Covid quarantine.  

While we cannot offer everyone hugs right now, we are offering 30 minute virtual mini-sessions for $35 with one of us (either Emma or Pablo) that we hope will help you get through these uncertain times

with a feeling of connection and a fuller heart. 

Payments can be done through PayPal or e-transfer. Please register below and we will send you

the Zoom link and payment information once that is complete. 

Sending everyone so, so, so much love during these times!

We hope to speak to you soon xo

Please share this Covid support service with family and friends
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