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As the Cuddle Couple, we aim to provide a medium to heal and find joy through cuddle therapy. In a fairly academic, goal-oriented and lonely world, it can be hard to sit back and ask ourselves what we need. Through cuddle therapy, we offer a cuddle-based healing method that is co-created with the client and cuddle therapists. We use meditation, breath work, hands-on work like cuddling, and other grounding practices to help our clients release mental clutter and sync back into their body.

We passionately believe that being in touch with our bodies is the most direct way to cultivate a sense of presence in the here and now. We are here to provide a space for those who need it to be held, slow down, and release the grievances or stresses they bear. 

With this cuddling & coaching package, you will receive added support to help you achieve your desires and goals all while receiving the comfort and connection that a regular cuddle therapy session brings. Both of the cuddlers are also coaches and will be able to guide you in a more focused way to help you get where you want to go. 


Cuddling & coaching sessions can happen at your place, our place (cuddlers), in a public location or in a virtual environment through Zoom.

If you choose to have your session at the cuddlers' place, please note that the environment that we have created includes:

  • A cozy environment

  • Blankets and pillows

  • Lots of plants

  • Calming meditation music

  • Aromatherapy

  • A Seasonal Affective Disorder / light therapy lamp (if requested)

  • A fish in a fish bowl


For Zoom, we encourage you to set up your environment for your virtual session in a way that feels comforting and cozy to you. We recommend setting up the following: 

  • Do the session from your couch or your bed

  • Find a spot that is away from other people and distractions

  • Set up a cozy environment with blankets and pillows or whatever else gives you comfort

  • Dim your lights if possible

  • Wear comfy clothes or pyjamas (and don't worry about how you look - no make-up required!)


Our standard price for cuddling & coaching sessions is $130/hour. Please note that there is a transportation fee of $0.75/km + parking (if needed) if we are travelling to you.


We offer a 30% discount on these sessions for students or those financially impacted by covid-19, and are willing to discuss a sliding scale in order to ensure that this service is accessible to all who need it.  

Please see below for our pricing plans, and please note that the same prices apply to virtual sessions.



Please see our standard pricing plans below. Feel free to inquire about a more customized package, and note that there is a small transportation and parking fee if we are travelling to you. For virtual sessions, same rates apply.  

- One 1 hour session: $130

- Three 1 hour sessions: $350 (10% off) (must be used within 2 months)

- Five 1 hour sessions: $553 (15% off) (must be used within 3 months)




- One 1.5 hour session: $195

- Three 1.5 hour sessions: $525 (10% off) (must be used within 2 months)

- Five 1.5 hour sessions: $828 (15% off) (must be used within 3 months)


Please note that during covid, you have the option of switching to virtual sessions at any point or doing a combination of both in-person and virtual sessions (depending on the current situation with covid). Please check in with us for more information. 

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