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  • Where does therapy come into play with cuddle therapy?
    We have found that in North America, touch is a powerful medium that is often reserved for romantic partners, and yet a romantic partner is not often best suited to receive what may come up through the vulnerability that touch provokes. It is not for a lack of wanting but for an emotional stake in the relationship that may arise when you find out that you have fear, sadness, frustration, anger, confusion, or any number of other emotions that rise up when you start to enter the realm of touch. That is where cuddle therapy comes into play. We offer a space in which we are ready to see you and hold you as you as you are, knowing that through the power of being seen and held, healing is bound to follow. Through this co-created experience, we offer various warm-up exercises, meditations, positive talk, engaged listening, intuitive touch, check-ins, and eventual goal settings if you find there is something you are experiencing that you would like to focus on.
  • Why are there two of you (two cuddlers)?
    We have found that our clients benefit the most from having both of us present rather than just one of us. Together, we bring a balance of the healthy feminine and masculine energies, both of which may feel partly wounded or missing in our clients. We also bring slightly different methods of support. Between the two of us, we also have the experiences of being a person of colour, bi-sexual, a woman, growing up with more or less financial means, having eating disorders, dealing with narcissism as well as having had to heal from mental, physical, and emotional abuse. In this way we offer a natural sensitivity and awareness towards the specific challenges one may face with the grievances listed above.
  • Am I expected to tip?
    You are welcome to tip, however it is not expected.
  • Where do the sessions take place?
    Sessions can take place at your place, our place or in a public location such as in a park. At our place (cuddlers' place), we offer a warm and soothing environment with plants, blankets, and pillows as well as soft music and relaxing aromas. Tea, coffee and water are also available.
  • What if I feel like I am getting attached to my cuddlers or feeling a craving/dependency to our sessions?
    You shouldn’t feel ashamed of this as feelings of attachment are possible, especially in a society that often associates cuddling with romantic or sexual intimacy. It is important to check in with yourself every so often and to openly communicate with your cuddlers should any of these feelings arise. This is something that we can openly talk about and figure out what to do about together. It may not require us to discontinue sessions and may sometimes just come as a wave of feelings that need to pass through.
  • Is there a client agreement?
    Yes, there is a client agreement which is accessible on our website. Each client is required to sign this Code of Conduct before engaging in cuddling services.
  • What happens if I become sexually aroused during a session?
    It is completely healthy and normal for arousal to occur in response to touch. The important thing is that neither client nor cuddlers respond to it in a manner intended to increase arousal. It can be acknowledged or not and simply allowed to come and go without being an object of focus. Something we like to ask before a session is if there are any sensitive areas on your body that provoke arousal; this way, we can be sure to avoid these areas in order to not distract from our co-created intention.
  • What if I feel uncomfortable or want to stop?
    If you become uncomfortable in any way and at any time, please say so. We never want our clients feeling uncomfortable and want you to feel confident and able to voice it when there is something you particularly like or don’t like. We are also happy to end the session early if that is what you need.
  • Do you work with everyone?
    Anyone is welcome to become a client as long as they do not have a contagious infection and are willing and able to abide by the Code of Conduct.
  • I am intrigued, but nervous to try this service. Is that normal?
    Yes, it is completely normal to feel nervous and perhaps even a little shy at first. For this reason, we try our very best to give you as much information as possible ahead of time and to help you feel comfortable. For example, we always like to give our clients a call (voice or video) before their first session in order to answer any questions or concerns. We also take a few minutes at the beginning of each session to check in and talk about the unfolding of the session. Finally, we make sure to go at your pace and your level of comfort (e.g. little touch versus a lot of touch) and to keep communicating about this throughout our time together.
  • Can I request a cuddling session with just one of you?
    Cuddling sessions with just one of us is possible upon request, as long as it is not for the first session and that a justifiable reason is provided.
  • What is your process to ensure safety?
    We take safety very seriously. Each client that we work with is required to read and abide by our Code of Conduct and to fill out a detailed intake form. We also reserve the right to terminate a session at any time, and encourage you to voice any concern you may have as well.
  • What about covid-19?
    As with other touch-based practices (massage therapy, yoga, physiotherapy, somatic therapy, etc.), we are taking all the precautions we can to ensure that everyone involved remains as safe as possible while still being able to enjoy the benefits of what is offered. Among other things, all parties are required to wash their hands at the start of each session and wear a mask throughout the session. We are now also requiring proof of double vaccination. Please see our Code of Conduct for more information. We also offer virtual sessions which provide many of the benefits that in-person sessions offer, including guided meditations, positive encouragement towards your goals, support through your challenges, and space held in order for you to let go of your own weight for a time.
  • How does a cuddle therapy session generally unfold?
    Cuddle therapy varies from person to person and from session to session, but we always start with a check-in and end with a few concluding thoughts. Throughout our time, we will slowly move into a warm-up, checking in throughout this grounding process. Once grounded, we will move into more of an embrace, guiding you through a meditation while soft music plays, all with the purpose of checking into what your body needs that day. During our time together, we can talk or keep silent. Depending on how you are feeling, we may have more or less physical touch. The positions and types of support may alter day to day based on your needs. With each co-created session, we aim to build trust, communication, and awareness around your needs. We hope you will leave feeling more relaxed, better about yourself and more confident about communicating your own needs.
  • What should I wear? How should I prepare?
    Please wear something that you are comfortable in. Pyjama pants and sweats are popular cuddle wear. You are expected to wear a minimum of a shirt and shorts that cover the top half of the thighs. We also ask that you be respectful of personal hygiene. For this, we ask that you take a shower and brush your teeth within 12 hours of the session, wear clean clothes, and freshen up with deodorant and/or breath freshener right before the start of the session. Cologne or perfume should be kept to a minimum.
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