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Cuddle therapy sessions can happen at your place, our place (cuddlers) or in a public location.

If you choose to have your session at the cuddlers' place, please note that the environment that we have created includes:

  • A cozy environment

  • Blankets and pillows

  • Lots of plants

  • Calming meditation music

  • Aromatherapy

  • A Seasonal Affective Disorder / light therapy lamp (if requested)

  • Fish and a bunny (the bunny will stay in a separate room but can come out for cuddles if asked)​



We will follow all covid safety guidelines. Please note that during covid, you have the option of switching to virtual sessions at any point or doing a combination of both in-person and virtual sessions (depending on the current situation with covid). Please check in with us for more information. 



As the Cuddle Couple, we aim to provide a medium to heal and find joy through cuddle therapy. In a fairly academic, goal-oriented and lonely world, it can be hard to sit back and ask ourselves what we need. Through cuddle therapy, we offer a cuddle-based healing method that is co-created with the client and cuddle therapists. We use meditation, breath work, hands-on work like cuddling, and other grounding practices to help our clients release mental clutter and sync back into their body.

We passionately believe that being in touch with our bodies is the most direct way to cultivate a sense of presence in the here and now. We are here to provide a space for those who need it to be held, slow down, and release the grievances or stresses they bear. 

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