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with The Cuddle Couple

Find Hugs, Connection and Healing



4 - 7PM


About the cuddle parties:

These cuddle parties hosted by Emma and Pablo (The Cuddle Couple) are run monthly and designed with the intention of allowing people to come together in a safer space to relax, cuddle and connect. Through these events, you will have a place to better explore what platonic touch can feel like to you. With each new party, you will get to meet other wonderful, compassionate touchy-feely folk - and! you will have a practice playground to explore how you can relate with others, connect more deeply and work through anything that might come up. As an added level of support, Emma and Pablo - both relational coaches and professional cuddlers - will always be available to discuss anything that may arise for you during the event, answer any questions, and enthusiastically offer guidance and grounding as desired in the space.

"I am so happy I found a community where my desire to communicate care through touch is valued. It was restorative to be able to offer support to fellow humans in this way. I felt an increased sense of interconnectedness that lasted for a few days." - cuddle party goer, Carrie


Admission cost is $40/person or $60/two people.


As these are popular events, advanced booking is required. To reserve your spot, please go to our booking page here. Alternatively, you can send an e-transfer to You will be refunded if you cancel more than 48 hours in advance. Those that cancel within 48 hours will receive a 50% refund.


The specific location will be sent to you once you have confirmed your attendance and registered. We are located in Liberty Village in downtown Toronto (closest intersection: Dufferin and King). 


4pm: Arrivals and check-in

4:15pm: Opening circle, review of guidelines, icebreakers

4:45pm: Doors close, cuddle time begins

6:45pm: Closing circle

Please aim to arrive 10 minutes early so we can start on time. 

Who to bring:

The more the merrier! Feel free to bring along a friend, a partner, a coworker or family member. Spread the word, the people need to know about this! In the spirit of building community and helping to create great cuddling events, we welcome anyone that is 18+ to join. Plus, the admission cost is reduced for both of you that way!

What to bring

  • A water bottle;

  • A mask (this is a mask-optional event, but please bring one just in case);

  • A journal and pen if you wish;

  • A pair of earplugs for the solo zone (the hug-free zone) if desired.


  • This is a mask-optional event;

  • Sanitizer will be provided;

  • All furniture, pillows, blankets and handles will be sanitized ahead of time;

  • Those experiencing any covid symptoms within 24 hours of the event are asked not to attend.


Rules & guidelines for cuddle parties

1) You must ask for verbal permission before cuddling anyone;
2) You must not pressure anyone into cuddling you;
3) You can say yes or no to anyone who asks to cuddle you;
4) If you are hesitant to cuddle someone, say no;
5) You do not have to provide an explanation when saying no;
6) You are always welcome to change your mind at any time;
7) It is important to periodically check in with how the person is feeling and doing;  
8) Learn how to end a cuddle and do so whenever you need to by putting your hands together and nodding thank you;
9) You never have to cuddle anyone at a cuddle party, ever;

10) Touch in any undergarment area, sensitive area, or injured area is not permitted;
11) No hugging or touching is permitted in the solo zone. Activities such as quiet talking, journaling, drinking tea and meditating are encouraged in the solo zone;
12) Laughter and tears are welcome;
13) If you become aroused, do not engage with it. Simply notice it and let is pass;
14) You can speak to the facilitators at any time if you have questions, comments or concerns;
15) Keep the space tidy;
16) Do not use your phone or take pictures/videos during a cuddle party;
17) You are welcome to leave at any time;
18) Respect people’s privacy when sharing about these events.



  • You must be above 18 years old or above to attend;

  • You must be free of any substances such as drugs or alcohol;

  • You must disclose to the Cuddle Couple any diagnoses or conditions that may affect you during cuddle parties;

  • In case you have any allergies or aversions to bunnies or hay, please note that we have one bunny; 

  • This is a place to hug and not to find a date or sexual partner. Actively seeking romantic or sexual partners will not be accepted. 


Stay in the loop:

Please let us know via the chat on this page, by phone/text, social media or email whether you would like us to add you to our email list for cuddle parties! A Whatsapp group also exists to connect those of us who have already attended a cuddle party hosted by The Cuddle Couple. 


We look forward to seeing you soon! 



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