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There are so many different reasons and ways that people want to explore cuddle therapy, from wanting a dose of physical and emotional support to wanting to embark on a healing journey through touch.


Below are just some of the people that seek out cuddle therapy:

  • Those who are feeling isolated and alone due to covid-19

  • Those feeling a general lack of touch, intimacy, connection and loving presence

  • Those wanting to feel a balance restored in their experience of feminine and masculine energies

  • Those wanting to ground back into themselves

  • Those wanting a different kind of touch other than that which they are experiencing

  • Those who are wanting to learn how to communicate their own boundaries and truth in a safe and welcoming environment

  • Those in an abusive or neglectful relationship

  • Those who are depressed, stressed, anxious or preparing for a big event and just need to relax

  • Widowers, divorcees or singles who have lost their touch partner and are still in need of this basic human contact

  • Students (over 18) who are missing family

  • Your aging parents (whether in care homes or not) if you cannot be with them as much as you would like

  • Anyone uncomfortable with touch who wants to learn to regain comfort with it (we will go very slowly, at your pace)

  • Those in the LGBTQ community who have felt pushed away from family members

  • Anyone who grew up with a family that felt disconnected, emotionally distant and unavailable

  • Those who have had a bad experience with touch and feel like they want/need to retrain or learn about good, healthy touch in a safe, non-judgmental environment

  • Those who are working with traditional talk-based therapists but need touch and real-time practice with other humans

  • Those who want to work with a coach in a more intimate and connected setting

    As you can see the list could go on and on. Dedicated time for the exploration of touch and connection in a safe environment is something everyone can benefit from!

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