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Yes, it may seem counter-intuitive to cuddle during covid, and while some prefer to keep their distance, others are jumping at the opportunity to connect.

As measures have loosened between the first covid wave and a potential second one, now more than ever people are taking the opportunity to find ways of connecting and restoring in a real way. Many have been cooped up at home, others have had difficulties adjusting to working from home, many have not seen their friends, not to mention those that are facing marital struggles, parenting struggles, family tension, mental health struggles, financial insecurity, and the list goes on. It goes without saying that this year has been a trying time for many of us and one that has forced us to look more at what matters.

That being said, we are taking various precautions to ensure as much safety for all of us:

  • Masks: During these covid times, we ask that everyone involved properly wear a mask during the duration of the session - this includes you and us!

  • Hygiene: We each must also ensure that we follow proper hygiene measures, that our clothes our clean and that we wash our hands at the start of each cuddling session.

  • Vinegar cleaning: We bring a vinegar spray bottle with us wherever we go, so that we can clean the surfaces that we will be using. Vinegar is non-toxic, safe on all surfaces, a great bacteria killer and doesn't leave any scent beyond the first few seconds.

  • Pre-screening: Before we cuddle together, you will be asked a set of questions designed to ensure (as much as is possible) that you are in good health and not likely to be infected with a transmittable infection.

  • Disclosure: During this period of covid, we are not currently working with those above the age of 65 or with other vulnerable populations that may be more susceptible to getting and being strongly affected by covid. We require your disclosure on this before you are able to begin services.

So, really, why cuddle now? Here are a few main reasons why:

  • You can experience connected and healing touch

  • You will feel less isolated and alone

  • You can focus on filling your cup, healing and thriving

  • You will join a new community of wonderful people

We hope that these measures can help to put you at ease as we take safety very seriously.

We are so excited to meet you and to start cuddling, and we hope that the effects of our hugs will be long-lasting!

* Please note that we offer discounts to those financially impacted by covid.

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