We offer a caring and non-judgmental space where you can let go, heal, and foster a deeper connection to yourself and those around you. 


Take a look at our services listed here, and we warmly welcome you to book a complimentary consultation so we can delve into these offerings more and explore what could feel best for you. 

Please feel free to inquire about our gift cards too! 

* open and welcoming to those in non-traditional relationships, ie monogamish, open and polyamorous relationships

Virtual 2:1 Relational Coaching Sessions

A space for you to explore the challenges or questions that surround intimacy, communication, connection, and vulnerability

Virtual 2:2 Relational Coaching Sessions For Couples 

A dedicated time for you and your loved one to lean into gentleness and bring attention to what matters most

In-Person Cuddle Therapy Sessions 

Relax your mind and body and reconnect with what brings you joy through the help of your two snuggly cuddle therapists in a supportive environment

Skin-to-Skin Cuddle Therapy Sessions 

Get even more benefits from your sessions with skin-to-skin contact

Group Cuddle Parties (on hold)

Join us with other clients for a group cuddle or bring your own crew!